Global Affairs Canada made the following announcement on behalf of the Government of Canada:


June 29, 2018 – Ottawa, Ontario – Global Affairs Canada

“Canada is gravely concerned by the Syrian regime’s offensive in southwest Syria and unequivocally condemns attacks on civilians, including airstrikes on hospitals.

“The regime’s actions and those of its ally —Russia— are having a catastrophic impact on civilians, including the displacement of tens of thousands of people.

“Canada calls on the Syrian regime to immediately end the violence and to allow for rapid and unimpeded humanitarian access, and urges all parties to the conflict to respect their obligations under international humanitarian law. Canada also calls on Russia to uphold the commitments it made to help maintain a de-escalation zone in the area.

“Canada continues to pursue accountability for those responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity in Syria.

“We will also continue to provide humanitarian assistance for the most vulnerable people of Syria.’’

The statement speaks volumes.  What it says is this.  It says that Canada supports the most extreme form of sectarianism.  The terrorists in southwest Syria include al Qaeda and ISIS. Terrorists destroy Christian churches and Shia mosques in terrorist-controlled areas of Syria.  Christians are killed or they flee.

 The international brigades in Syria are al Qaeda and al Qaeda- affiliates, including ISIS.  Syrians call them Daesh.  All of the terrorists slaughter civilians, and there are no “moderate terrorists”.

Terrorists slaughtered about 11,000 civilians in Damascus, including 2,500 children, and about 13,000 civilians in Aleppo.  Countless civilians were wounded and crippled, about 30,000 in Damascus alone. Mortars are mortars and bombs are bombs.  They are never moderate.

The statement intimates that the government of Canada supports the “opposition rebels”. What it fails to acknowledge is that those (Al Qaeda, ISIS) rebels are involved in misogyny, sex slavery, torture, kidnapping, murder, the “disappearing” of children, organ harvesting, public executions and extremist interpretations of Sharia law. Women in terrorist-occupied areas dress in black from head to toe. Terrorists in occupied areas engage in the aforementioned criminality, and more. Testimonies from freed civilians and evidence from formerly occupied hospitals cum sharia courts testify to the truth of these described and witnessed crimes.

The statement casually blames the Syria government for the crimes committed by Al Qaeda and ISIS. The statement of Global Affairs Canada is based on sources of information from terrorist-held areas.

The statement says that Syrians themselves should have no say in their future, despite the evidence on the ground, the democratic governance in government-secured areas, and the mass expressions of joy from liberated citizens who rush to greet their SAA liberators.

Finally, the statement shouts out that we as Canadian citizens are duty-bound to share the truth for the benefit of humanity.

Reverend Ashdown’s video, “The Syrian conflict in context: Restoring hope in a mosaic society” serves as an example of how an accurate narrative about Syria, supported by evidence, contradicts the fabricated news stories that are staples for Western audiences.

Mark Taliano is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG) and the author of Voices from Syria, Global Research Publishers, 2017.