The Western powers are pushing Russia and the world towards a catastrophic abyss.

In a move that demonstrates overt war-derangement, the United States and its NATO allies this week announced yet more military support to prop up the Kiev regime. All told, it is estimated the U.S. and the European Union have funneled over $5 billion into Ukraine in the name of “defense”.

Defending what? A corrupt regime infested with Nazi regiments who have carried out vile atrocities against their own people for the sake of trying to smear Russia. The U.S. rulers and the EU establishment are being exposed for the proto-fascists that they are. In this malevolent milieu, Western political labels like Republican, Democrat, center-left, center-right, and so on, become meaningless. Their pretend benevolent and “democratic” masks are being ripped off.

It is abundantly clear by now that Ukraine is the site of a proxy war between the U.S.-led NATO military alliance and Russia. But the war is now becoming increasingly one of direct confrontation between two nuclear powers. It is the Western powers and their lying news media who bear responsibility for this criminally reckless direction.

President Joe Biden announced another $800 million in military support this Thursday which will include heavy artillery capable of hitting Russian territory. That brings the total U.S. military supply to Ukraine since Biden took office in early 2021 to nearly $4 billion.

Germany has come up with a cynical scheme whereby heavy weaponry sent to Ukraine from other NATO members will be “backfilled” from its own military stockpiles and industry. Only eight decades ago, German tanks rolled into Russia resulting in up to 30 million dead Soviet citizens. The stench of genocide is still too fresh for Berlin to mount another bout of blitzkrieg, so it is finding a way to hide its warmongering through a third party.

Every NATO member, it seems, is piling into Ukraine in all but an open declaration of war against Russia.

Moscow has already warned the U.S. and its military alliance that the supply of weapons to Ukraine is a slide towards war. Russia said this week that any NATO equipment entering Ukraine will be attacked and obliterated.

It seems obvious that the United States and its transatlantic allies want the war in Ukraine to drag out as much as possible. Biden talked this week about military aid to Ukraine being a “critical window”. He gloated about “talking softly while carrying a large javelin”, a reference to former President Teddy Roosevelt (1901-1909) and to the anti-tank missiles the U.S. has been plying Ukraine with.

Germany’s Chancellor Olaf Scholz vowed this week with revealing determination that “Russia will not win this war” after pledging $50 billion in aid to Ukraine from the G7 nations.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, the former German defense minister, spoke with gung-ho relish about the conflict in Ukraine “lasting for years”.

The European Union, supposedly an economic trading bloc, has donated about $1.5 billion in military aid to Ukraine so far. This is making the 27-member EU synonymous and a replicate of the 30-member NATO alliance.

Russia launched its military intervention in Ukraine on February 24 based on a cognizable case of self-defense from a neighboring country that was relentlessly being turned into a de facto NATO state threatening Russia. Pentagon-funded bioweapon laboratories across Ukraine underscored the unacceptable threat to Russian national security. Imagine for a moment a reverse scenario of the U.S., Russia, and Mexico. Actually, we don’t have to imagine. The United States threatened nuclear war against the Soviet Union over the latter installing missiles in Cuba in 1961.

The aggressive presence of Nazi military brigades in Ukraine attacking the Russian-speaking population in the Donbass was but the spearhead of NATO hostility. The NATO proxy war against Russia had been extant for nearly eight years since the CIA-backed coup in Kiev in 2014 brought to power the Russophobic regime.

Tragically, the war in Ukraine could have been avoided if the U.S. and its NATO allies had seriously considered and responded to Russia’s long-held security concerns. But Washington and its allies didn’t reciprocate. Because the whole point of Ukraine was to create a proxy war with Russia to keep Moscow busy and preferably destabilized and drained.

In other words, the blaze that is currently engulfing Ukraine was started by Washington and its pyromaniac partners in NATO. Funneling more and more weapons into the country is tantamount to arsonists arriving at the scene of a fire that they have started and proceeding to douse the flames with more fuel.

Unfortunately, therefore, ongoing political talks between Moscow and Kiev have a limited chance of succeeding in delivering a peaceful settlement. Such a settlement could be reasonably achieved if Ukraine accepted non-NATO neutrality, eradicated its Nazi brigades, and recognized Crimea for the historic Russian land that it is. But reason is hardly likely to prevail when the U.S. and NATO allies are furiously weaponizing the conflict.

The war in Ukraine is but a manifestation of a bigger geopolitical war. One in which the United States and its NATO enablers are determined to defeat any independent political rival, whether that be Russia in the present or in future China. One can be sure that if the U.S. and NATO were to somehow defeat Russia through the conflict in Ukraine, they will move on to their next objective of subjugating China.

Recklessly, the United States and its coterie of ruling elites in NATO and Europe are making the war in Ukraine an existential crisis. The Western powers have chosen the path of confrontation instead of dialogue. They have articulated the “total war” mindset that underlies their agenda towards Russia, one that ultimately entails defeat and regime change.

While the United States and Europe are beset with ever-worsening social conditions among their own populations – a fundamental crisis in Western capitalism – the ruling elites are perversely piling weapons into Ukraine costing billions of dollars. The logic is one of a psychopathic system.

History is repeating itself because the disease remains the same. The Western powers are pushing Russia and the world towards a catastrophic abyss. If Russia can withstand the onslaught then the only way out is for the Western states to collapse from their own internal corruption. The bankruptcy of Western states in terms of financial, social and political malaise is ripe for massive upheaval.

Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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