Given the seriousness of the bombings and attacks of the Israeli army on the Gaza Strip, and the dimension of the obvious differences between the 4th power in arms, as is Israel, against the population without army of a Palestine under colonial occupation, we call for the immediate intervention of international organizations to stop this tragic escalation of death and devastation. What exists in what remains of occupied Palestinian territories is a true apartheid that is not only an aberration in this 21st century but is the greatest expression of racist and criminal colonialism.

We also request that measures be taken in the face of the falsification of information that is reproduced before the world, which converts the permanent victim of actions of ethnic cleansing such as the Palestinian people – who survive in inhumane conditions the colonialism imposed by Israel, violating all the UN resolutions – to inform with the truth, which is a right of all peoples.

The conflict, if it can be called that, began with the brutal attack of the Israeli police and army against the Palestinian people who were in the Al-Aqsa Mosque during their religious services and then in the entire esplanade of the mosques, leaving hundreds wounded since last May 7 and in the following days. Israeli repression also affected the Christian community in Jerusalem.

From Gaza, the government of Israel was requested to stop the repression and the attempts to continue removing Palestinian families from their homes inherited from their ancestors in Jerusalem to hand them over to the settlers, continuing with the violation of the UN resolutions with respect to the continued installation of settlements, which constitutes a brutal colonial advance on a defenseless people.

A people whose territories are being occupied has every right to defend itself. On the other hand, the absolute difference between the State of Israel and what is left of Palestine is evident.

Israel is repeating its constant bombardments against the destroyed Gaza, against a population that is prevented from getting food, medicines, without an army and that only has projectiles that its militiamen manufacture in workshops without resources or that resort to stones to defend themselves. The Israeli bombings and missiles constitute, in this case, a crime against humanity, an offense by the Israeli government to the victims of the Holocaust and to the Israeli people.

This leads to the questions that some analysts have asked “Is the invader the same as the invaded? Is the racist attacker the same as the victim of racism and colonialism? “

These considerations never appear in the press, mostly in the hands of the hegemonic power, which speaks of a “worsening conflict” as if that is what this situation is all about, normalizing terrorist attacks on defenseless populations.

 Moreover, in this case, it is about the seizure of the Al Aqsa Mosque, the third Arab Muslim holy site after Mecca and Medina, which could have frightening consequences in the region.

The Arab League, the European Union, human rights organizations, numerous governments of the world, have made statements against Israel’s actions for its attempt to prevent access to the Mosque and the methods used.

Faced with this injustice and the advance of the racist colonial position, which resorts to ethnic cleansing in violation of all international norms, we call on the governments and peoples of the world to stop this colonial advance in the 21st century, which cannot be considered a “confrontation” since it is the implementation of a terrorist war, waged by a nuclear-armed power against an unarmed and besieged population.

Message of solidarity with the Palestinian people from Nobel Peace Prize laureate Adolfo Pérez Esquivel (29.11.2020)