The Democratic Liberation Forces of Rwanda (FDLR) condemn in the strongest terms the barbaric attacks on Rwandan refugees and civilian Congolese population in North Kivu province, DRC.

These ongoing attacks were carried out from 22 November 2015 by NDC Tcheka and Candayira (UPPDI- Union Patriotique Pour la Défense des Innocents) Mai Mai militias with the full support of the Rwanda Defense Forces and some Congolese local authorities. The targeted locations are RUSAMAMBO, BULEUSA, BUKUMBIRWA and KATIKU.

Many thousands of Rwandan refugees and Congolese civilian population have fled their homes, some have been killed and many hundreds are wounded in WALIKALE, IKOBO territory, localities of MARUHO, MINGO, KIMUNA, MITAKARA, MISAU, HEMBE, MISAMBO, KALONGI and GASHUNGANO. The wounded are not treated and the dead are not buried.

This situation which resembles to an ethnic cleansing aimed at killing all Hutu Rwandan refugees and Hutu civilian population of the Eastern DRC is inacceptable and must stop immediately.

The FDLR call upon the whole International Community, especially the UN Security Council, the African Union, the Southern African Development Community (SADC), the European Union and MONUSCO to stand up and condemn these unspeakable attacks and order Rwanda to stop killing innocent population and withdraw its troops without further delay from the DRC territory.

The FDLR call upon all humanitarian organizations (Red Cross, UNHCR, etc.) to do everything possible to rescue those unfortunate populations, provide medical treatment, food, water and shelter to displaced people.

The FDLR urge MONUSCO and the DRC authorities to protect the Rwandan refugees and the Congolese civilian population who are under threat of extermination.

The FDLR remain committed to peace and reiterate their conviction that a viable solution to the

Rwanda political problem can be found only through peaceful means i.e. direct talks between the Kigali regime and the FDLR.

Done at Masisi (DRC) on November 27th, 2015.

La Forge Fils Bazeye

Information Commissioner and Spokesperson of the FDLR