It is 2022 and regime change formulas don’t work, color revolutionary magic which worked for decades doesn’t work and even expanding old-school military hardware around the troublesome Eurasian nations of the multipolar alliance no longer works. 

The old magic doesn’t work the way it used to for the ghouls in Washington, London and Brussels.

It used to be so easy to wave that old wand and watch a troublesome president have his brains blown out on live TV or suffer a violent coup.

There were a thousand and one ways to eliminate a pesky nationalist politician which had been honed over the Cold War years, and it seemed that all 1001 had been tried… several times over in some cases.

If two towers were required to collapse into rubble or a nationally elected government (or twelve) overthrown by a conveniently weaponized mob, then a shadow government apparatus would get the job done without too much ado or resistance of merit.

The beat went on and on like a broken record until some time in 2013… when something changed.

That change took the form of a couple of nations that realized that without a new set of rules and a new song to dance to, this dark magic was going to lead the world into an inevitable dark age. While some within those nations were more than content adapting to that sulfur as long as they were promised good seats ruling in hell, others with a bit more moral fibre said no to that option.

Maybe the leading intelligentsia of these nations saw something in their ancient civilizations that was not worth flushing down a toilet, or maybe they just didn’t like the idea of submitting to a degenerate self-proclaimed elite masterclass… but whatever the motive, they started disrupting the magic tricks and things began changing.

After 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya blew up nicely but no matter how many times the old spells were cast, Syria just wouldn’t crumble.

What made matters worse, was that oil-rich Venezuela also wouldn’t crumble either despite the vast majority of south American governments having been corralled into a coalition to support a new self-proclaimed president whom some dubbed Obama 2.0.

Belarus didn’t fall as expected, and Hong Kong didn’t gain independence as many neocons promised.

Iran survived years of sanctions and even a couple of near-hot wars with the USA and Israel in 2007 and 2020, but still it thrived going so far as to join a Eurasian security and economic coalition in 2021. Even tiny Yemen which was supposed to break apart within weeks of Saudi-led bombing still stood strong after 7+ years of war against near-impossible odds.

Ethiopia (aka: China’s most strategic gateway into Africa) didn’t fall either despite millions of dollars of foreign funding spent and weaponized terrorists re-framed as “freedom fighters” for an international audience.

Many were also surprised that Afghanistan’s Taliban not only fended off the world’s biggest military force after 20 years of combat, but the much-abused central Asian nation found itself on a new track towards becoming an active gateway of the Belt and Road Initiative.

Old school military big stick techniques that worked so well in bygone pre-nuclear ages are also not working too well. Despite an array of international military bases numbering over 800, international biolabs numbering over 200 and military treaties with dozens of states in Russia and Chinas’ backyards, key participants in this Anglo-American led war drive are also not playing along as they were expected to.

After all, India was supposed to be a part of the Pacific NATO but instead is now adopting Russian military hardware while joining a security pact whose members include both China and Pakistan… both of whom India was supposed to mortally hate. Across the Arab World, key western assets from Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and the UAE are all doing business with China and have followed India’s lead by adopting Russian-made military hardware making US-military hegemony across the heartland an impossible dream to hold onto.

Mortal enemies like Azerbaijan and Armenia who were at each others’ throats just over a year ago, are slowly overcoming their animosity and vectoring towards a new set of relationships defined by Iran, Russia and the growing International North South Transportation Corridor that is moving quickly through the Caucasus.

Muslim Brotherhood operatives in Egypt who took power in the wake of the havoc of the 2011 Arab Spring soon gave way to a nationalist resistance under a leader who even began financing large scale African infrastructure like the expanded Suez Canal.

Even Muslim Brotherhood-dominated Turkey was no longer the golem for hire that the Anglo-American sorcerers fancied when Erdogan realized how disposable he actually was and began making alliances with Russia and China. Erdogan undoubtedly recognized in the collapsing Euro and NATO model, an unattractive sinking ship he no longer wanted to ride.

And who could blame anyone for not wanting to get on the Trans Atlantic economic joy ride at this point in the game?

Only a devout CNN devotee or Yale business graduate might miss the elementary fact that the casino bubble that was once known as the Trans Atlantic economy is careening towards a hyperinflationary implosion with nothing but hyperbolically-growing unpayable debts holding it all together.

It also doesn’t help that the only significant figures across the dying trans Atlantic who seem to have both 1) an awareness of the inevitability of this oncoming collapse and 2) real power to do something about it, are 3) all obsessed with a Great Reset/Green New Deal decarbonization of the world economy. The operating system upon which such technocratic schemes are premised demonstrably cause more devastation and death to nations and their citizens than those problems of rampant speculation and unpayable debts that such Davos-connected sociopaths wish to cure.

So, to recap: It is 2022 and regime change formulas don’t work, color revolutionary magic which worked for decades doesn’t work and even expanding old-school military hardware around the troublesome Eurasian nations of the multipolar alliance no longer works.

Now after more than a century of effective neocolonialism, 19 Arab states have signed onto the BRI, joining 48 African states, and much of Latin America.

These are nations who not only host civilizations that wish to avoid being sacrificed on either an altar of nuclear war or a utopian green scientific dictatorship.

The battle is far from won, but we can get some solace knowing that the old black magic just isn’t what it used to be.

Source: Strategic Culture Foundation