The declaration of Venezuela as a threat to the National Security of the United States is a formalism that this country has always used to apply economic embargoes and a subsequent military intervention in various countries around the world.

They have attempted to invade Cuba and were defeated, they have attempted to beat it with an economic embargo and were defeated. Even President Obama acknowledged this by opening a new phase of dialog with the Island. Why is he trying now to do the same thing with another Latin-American country? Nobody denies that there are serious conflicts and an increase in violence in Venezuela, but can anybody believe they represent a danger for the north american people or any other country in the world? Is there no clear humanitarian crisis in Mexico? Why does the US deliberately contradict itself in its external interference?

When it comes down to Human Rights violations, Latin-American countries must declare the United States, their interventions and military bases a threat to all the peoples of the region. But Our America is a generous and peaceful region, we do not intend to invade anyone, we only expect respect to our sovereignty and our self-determination.

The situation in Venezuela must be resolved in the framework of their democratic institutions and with collaboration from our regional bodies. So it has been with, for instance, the Union of South American Nations (USAN), with their recent visit to Caracas, which was supported by the General Secretary of the UN, Ban Ki-Moon. In this visit, the USAN has observed attempts to destabilize Venezuela in order to interrupt the chain of democratic legitimacy, which explains, among other things, the cases of economic shortage.

The only danger for the people of the United States is in the United States. It is the financial and military corporate lobbies, who consider that a region without wars and with resources they cannot control is a danger for their economic interests and their deeply antidemocratic power. Sectors that are based on attacking other peoples, on disinformation and on using the wealthy and white-skinned north american people, and on the impoverishment, imprisoning and persecution of dark-skinned north americans and immigrants.

Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world, it is the fourth supplier of crude oil of the US, it is strengthening its real economy, its social policies, and it has managed a democratic and Bolivarian revolution through elections that have been declared by the former Anglo American president, James Carter, as one of the most transparent in the world. It should be further added that it was the first country in the history of Nation States to create a recall referendum and apply it. This declaration by Obama is the only way to isolate politically a dignified and solidary Venezuela, which, in spite of these attacks, has been sending oil since 2007 to provide free heating to millions of people of poorer sectors in 16 North American states through its north american branch CITGO.

If the north american government wishes to talk about Peace for its people, the Congress must repeal the Venezuela Sanctions Act of 2014 and Obama must nullify the declaration of Venezuela as a threat to national security.

CELAC, USAN and MERCOSUR must defend Venezuela from this northamerican agressions. Maduro was very clear in his speech before all the parliamentary blocks “nobody can stop the parliamentary elections of 2015, and if we lose, we lose, if we win, we win, but it will be the Venezuelans who will make the decision. The American boot shall not step in here”.