Westchester County, NY – On August 5th, 2023, 40-year-old Dr. Krystal Cascetta shot herself and her 4 month old baby dead at their $1 million Westchester home in what police are calling a murder-suicide. (click here)

New York State Police have said 40 year old Dr. Krystal Cascetta, entered the baby’s room around 7am on Saturday in the town of Somers, which is in Westchester County, New York, and shot the baby before turning the gun on herself.

Dr. Cascetta was a well renowned hematology and oncology specialist with Mount Sinai in New York City

She was married to 37 year old Timothy Talty, an enterpreneur and energy bar tycoon, who was not home at the time.

Cascetta and Talty were married in 2019 at a ceremony in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Talty owns the protein bar company Talty Bars.

The company’s website says that Cascetta used her medical and science background to help advise in the creation of the product.

Officials said Cascetta’s parents were inside their $1 million house during the fatal shootings.

Cascetta was a breast cancer researcher and an award winning doctor:

COVID-19 mRNA vaccine spike protein in the brain?

I have written several substack articles about COVID-19 vaccine spike protein accumulation in the brain and the resulting neurological and psychiatric injuries.

As a top Mount Sinai, New York hematologist/oncologist, she would have taken at least 4 or 5 COVID-19 vaccines to be considered “up to date” on her vaccinations and to “protect her cancer patients”.

I have heard this argument advanced by my own Oncology colleagues in Alberta, Canada, all of whom are 4 or 5 COVID-19 vaccines deep and continue taking them as they think the mRNA jabs protect their cancer patients (they don’t).

Canadian doctor suicides have skyrocketed since COVID-19 vaccines rolled out in 2021. (click here)

In the biggest mainstream media hit piece that was done on me by Global News and 20-something year old reporter Ashleigh Stewart, she claimed that after “months of investigation”, of the 80 Canadian doctor sudden deaths I reported at the time, she discovered 6 had died by way of suicide.

The number is probably a bit higher than that. Here are the Canadian doctors rumored to have died by way of suicide. Most of them are very young:

While Global News latched onto the doctor suicides as a way of “discrediting” me, in reality, they simply confirmed that there is a very serious problem with COVID-19 mRNA vaccinated Canadian doctors committing suicide in high numbers.

Suicide Attempts Post-Pfizer or Moderna

Here are the types of post COVID-19 vaccine reactions being recorded in the literature. These are from a previous substack article I wrote in March 2023:

Case 1: 37 yo Japanese man has psychosis after Moderna 

A 37 yo Japanese man with no psychiatric history had Moderna booster shot and complained of headache, a floating sensation and difficulty concentrating. (Kita et al)

He presented 4 days later with talkativeness, and grandiose delusions, saying that he had won 2 billion yen in horse racing. He also presented with emotional instability, such as crying, sleeplessness, excitement, hyperactivity and sexual deviance.

He was discharged. Nine days after Moderna booster he jumped from the 2nd floor of his house, and was brought back to hospital by ambulance. He exhibited flight of ideas, hyperactivity, distraction, hyperthymia and religious delusions, such as saying “my child is God”. He displayed lack of insight and became enraged when his actions were restricted.

He was diagnosed with acute mania with psychotic features and stayed 66 days in the hospital.

Case 2: 45 yo Latvian man has psychosis & suicide attempt after mRNA

45 yo Latvian man with no psychiatric history presented 1 month after 2nd dose of mRNA vaccine, accompanied by his parents because of bizarre behavior and an attempted suicide by hanging in the early morning. (Renemane et al.)

Immediately after his 2nd mRNA dose, he developed insomnia, unreasonable anxiety and tremor.

After 2 weeks, he realized that he has been jinxed as he found some white powder under the carpet in his apartment. From that moment, he became cautious, did not leave the apartment, and reported persecution.

On the last day before his visit to the psychiatric clinic, the patient saw a man walking past the windows of his apartment and watching him. The patient described the thoughts in his head as not his own, giving him commands to observe the person on the street. He did not sleep that night and had a strong belief that he should commit suicide. He attached a rope, tried to hang himself, but his father stopped him.

Case 3: 45 yo Croatian man has psychosis & suicide attempt after AstraZeneca 

45 yo Croatian man developed unusual behavior 5 days after AstraZeneca. He became anxious, suspicious, paranoid, disorganized and complained of headaches. (Borovina)

Two weeks after COVID-19 vaccination, persecutory delusions and delusions of reference led him to suicide attempt by stabbing himself in the abdomen.

He had surgery and spent 23 days in the hospital.

My Take… 

We simply never hear about the post COVID-19 vaccination suicide attempts documented above .

According to UK Goverment Data (Dept of Work and Pensions), psychiatric injuries and disabilities are up 124% in 2022:

2022 Psychiatric: +124%

  • anxiety and depressive disorders +126%
  • hyperkinetic disorder +336%
  • stress reactions +191%
  • mood disorders +106%

I believe that the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine spike protein accumulates in the brain and causes tremendous injuries which can be neurological and psychiatric.

I believe that COVID-19 mRNA vaccinated individuals have a much higher risk of developing mental health conditions that lead to suicide ideation and attempt, than the unvaccinated.

I now wonder if this same mechanism of spike protein injury in the brain translates to an increased risk of mental health conditions that lead to homicide ideation and attempt.

Dr. William Makis is a Canadian physician with expertise in Radiology, Oncology and Immunology. Governor General’s Medal, University of Toronto Scholar. Author of 100+ peer-reviewed medical publications.

Source: Covid Intel