Dear Friends:

Last Saturday, in Montreal, three generous Quebec lawyers presented a class action proposal to us, and I sincerely hope that it will gather support from many Rwandans in Canada. I am writing to let you know that I will stand wholeheartedly with them even though my homeland is Félix Leclerc and Gilles Vigneault’s country, I never set foot in Rwanda and I still could not locate that country on a map of Africa a few years ago.

I took up the Rwandans’ struggle as if it was mine because their cause is a just one and it is part of the peoples’ struggle against lies, injustice and tyranny. I will fight with them because it is absolutely intolerable to me that innocent fathers who just yesterday lived quietly among us with their wife and children are dehumanized, ostracized, jailed, tortured and put to death by a bunch of psychopaths disguised as democrats, in Canada and Rwanda.

I will fight with Rwandans because of the tragedy suffered by hundreds of thousands of them, mostly Hutus, who are in addition collectively accused of committing their torturers’ crimes. I will fight because I remember fathers Simard and Pinard, killed by the RPF. No one ever heard the slightest sign of protest by the Government of Canada about the murders of these two Canadian citizens. I will fight because the famous quotation by German Pastor Martin Niemöller, persecuted by the Nazi, is more important than ever for mankind. In the course of Saturday’s meeting, one of our friends alluded to it.

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

I recall these few lines for you because solidarity is not a luxury; it has in fact become an absolute necessity. If we cannot show solidarity, many will be eaten alive by the voracious predators. And the ones who will have looked the other way instead of lending a hand will also die someday, in shame and dishonour. Let us not forget that nobody is eternal. Rwandans must build strong relationships based on solidarity among themselves here, in Quebec and in Canada, and the peoples of the earth must build worldwide solidarity so that mankind may one day find peace and harmony.

Since the day Rwanda sank into horror, in 1990, many other countries were hit by Wall Street and its puppets. Unfortunately these countries were left alone to fight for themselves not only because of financial and military pressure by the Empire on the international community, but also because of massive propaganda campaigns aimed at fooling taxpayers from powerful countries into accepting the unacceptable. Mass murder lords have become masters in the art of setting up fictions promoted as real news by the media, in order to mystify the audience while the henchmen’s dirty work goes unnoticed. Thus, the manipulated public gets the story upside down and consents to their government strangling or killing the so-called bad buys. One after the other the targeted peoples are attacked and have to fight the tyrants alone.

How much longer are we going to let ourselves be deceived? How many times are we going to see Rwandans beg obligingly Western governments to rein in their thousand hills monster? The source of the problem is not in Kigali but in Washington, Ottawa, London, Brussels, where the fate of African regimes is decided, and millions of people are routinely sentenced to death by the very politicians who pretend to be shocked by human rights violation. Parliamentary lesson givers who rely on NGO gospels break into crocodile tears when their sponsored terrorists commit the worst massacres. If they really wanted to, they would have locked up or disappeared Kagame a long time ago, after charging him with a mountain of crimes.

We should not be begging heads of Western rogue states, but sharing our concerns with our fellow human beings. Let us work with them and stand not for one person or one people, but for all the wretched of the Earth who are being victimized by the same system of lies, greed and barbarity.

The self-proclaimed masters of the world can be convinced by only two arguments, and it is not democracy nor human rights. They will listen only to money and atomic bombs. Kim Jong-un understands that very well, and that is why he will not end up like Habyarimana, Milosevic, Hussein, Gaddafi or Gbagbo. We must understand it too and we must speak the only language the executioners speak: the language of dollars.

Omar Khadr received a compensation of 10.5 million dollars? The damage to be paid to hundreds of Canadians of Rwandan origin who have been wronged by the federal authorities’ iniquitous decisions could be extremely high. And even if courts do not rule in our favour, the class action will allow us to question publicly some pseudo-facts and to draw the attention of Quebecers and Canadians on suffering they have never even heard of. Let us give it a try. Let us stick together and overcome fear.

You can count on me, so I hope I can count on you.

Your old stock Quebec friend