Although several people have expressed disappointment that I pointed out the less than perfect aspects of Robert Kennedy Jr’s campaign for the Democratic Party nomination, rather than just shutting up and supporting him as best I can, I want to state for the record that my purpose was not to undermine his campaign (which is far better than the others we hear about) but rather to help him to address real weaknesses and thus become an stronger candidate for the general election—if such a thing actually takes place.

It seems appropriate for me as a fellow candidate for president to offer advice to Mr. Kennedy. Perhaps the problem is that I fall in a different class than Mr. Kennedy. Mr. Kennedy has money, he is quoted in newspapers, and he is able to raise funds for his efforts from wealthy individuals and corporations. He is someone that mainstream bloggers talk about, noting that Kennedy is not given the attention he is due by the mainstream.

I, by contrast, am someone who does not exist in the commercial blogs (that is to say the blogs that people actually make money from). I guess that when I demanded international investigations of the 9.11 incident and the Abe assassination, when I suggested that the stock market should not play a central role in the economy, and when I even went as far as to suggest that the relationship of Blackrock, Vanguard and Goldman Sachs with the national economy was *parasitic,* I burned my bridges. But bridges to what? Bridges to falsehood and corruption? Bridges to hypocrisy and self-deception?

I personally think that the outpour of hero worship for Robert Kennedy Jr. that is now flooding the so-called alternative media has reached a level that demands that we press the pause button.

I say that as a soul who would like to see a man of great virtue occupy the White House and lead us in the right direction.

Many naturally accept the fact that anyone who raises serious doubts about 9.11, who suggests that the Federal Reserve should not be run by private banks, or who demands that the assets of the corporations who have killed and crippled millions with their vaccines be seized, cannot be mentioned in the media at all.

But do we really have to settle for a political system that will barely tolerate Kennedy when he says a few common-sense things about vaccines, but only on the condition that he is silent about the vast majority of the neo-fascistic policies carried out in the United States?

I personally feel that if Kennedy demanded that Pfizer’s assets be seized to pay damages to citizens, if he suggested that 9.11 Commission’s report be reinvestigated, or that the Pentagon Budget be subject to a full audit, that his position, our position, would be stronger. Running a campaign that asks a few hard questions but refuses to take on the big issues guarantees that one will be pushed aside in a political system that is rotten to the core.

Kennedy’s decades-long contributions to medical freedom and to truth in science, especially regarding vaccines, gives him the credentials to be president. But there are many parts of the picture that are need to be set straight so that people like me can get behind him.

He has made highly problematic statements about COVID-19 that must be questioned and he needs to get the story straight.

We ask, we plead, that Kennedy get COVID 19 right because there cannot be any room for people to poke holes in his positions in the future.

Let me start with Kennedy’s book, “The Wuhan Cover-Up: How US Health Officials Conspired with the Chinese Military to Hide the Origins of Covid 19?”

This book goes much further than most anything in the mainstream to address the corrupt and dangerous relationship between the United States and the People’s Republic of China, but sadly it presents a biased perspective that keeps the reader from identifying the primary threat for us: the war of multinational corporations around the world against all of humanity.

Let us take a look at the title of the book.

“The Wuhan Cover-Up: How US Health Officials Conspired with the Chinese Military to Hide the Origins of Covid 19.”

The wording is critical, especially granted how politicized COVID19 and US-China relations have become.

The title suggests that there is a real disease known as COVID 19 and that it was released from the military laboratories at Wuhan. Although it is likely that a variety of biological weapons have been used by various militaries around the world, or at least the privatized parts of the military working for multinational investment banks and corporations, the purpose of those uses of biological weapons was to kill select people in order to create panic and to make the demand for a vaccine seem convincing. We still do not know what those biological weapons were—but I doubt that they were all one specific virus that is called “COVID 19.” Most likely they were variety of different weapons that had different effects on different populations.

COVID 19 is not one virus that was developed by the Chinese military at the Wuhan biological laboratories. American doctors, bureaucrats and other members of the health community were not collaborating with the Chinese military against the United States. The reason is simple. The overwhelming research on biological weapons has been conducted by the US military, not the Chinese military and the most likely scenario is that corrupt parts of the US and Chinese military were working closely together. The idea that Fauci went to China because the US would not tolerate his evil research is not at all convincing.

Remember that although at a certain level it is real, the whole “New Cold War” was created as a way to deflect attention away from this collusion between the rich in the two countries.

The corrupt elements in the US and Chinese military and intelligence were most likely tied to global finance. Maybe the militaries played the central role in both countries, but the scam aimed at destroying the financial, educational and cultural foundations of most people on Earth was not started by the military but by the super-rich.

Another problem with the book is that the COVID 19 operation was not concerned with the release of a deadly pathogen. No, COVID 19 was 95% a psychological operation intended to induce fear, destroy rational discourse, and create an environment in the media, and in medicine, wherein citizens would be brainwashed to blindly and unquestionably follow orders for dangerous and unnecessary vaccines, for social distancing and lockdowns that were meant to isolate citizens and make it difficult to form political resistance.

This operation was a softening up operation in preparation for even more radical actions to be taken in the future.

The use of biological weapons (maybe even military grade pathogens released from the Wuhan lab, or US military, or DARPA labs) was done in order to make this campaign look convincing. But the point was to destroy civil society and keep people from thinking from themselves. Most of this campaign was carried out in the commercial media, not in military labs. The fact that COVID 19 was not that convincing was the whole point of the operation. Citizens were supposed to go along with stories that they did not really believe in. That process compromises the citizen and makes further resistance difficult. If the US or China had released large amounts of pathogens that killed many people, that psychological effect would have been compromised because there would be real narrative that made sense. The people would not be trained to deceive themselves and others.

The players behind COVID 19 were not the Chinese military, or Federal Government health officials, but rather multinational investment banks (with interests in exploiting China, the United States and the entire world) and a handful of IT companies abetted by governments.

Previous research papers produced by DARPA, RAND and others (dating back to the 1960s) detail how to induce psychological trauma and promote scare tactics on a massive scale so as to render the population passive. That knowhow was combined with a corporate media and entertainment industry that reduces citizens to narcissistic consumption-driven individuals so as to make it almost impossible for most people to notice that their country (the United States or the People’s Republic of China) has been taken over by a handful of the rich (whether American or Chinese, German, Japanese or French).

Kennedy is right on target when he identifies elements in the US military for their role in this operation to weaponize the entire health industry and to turn those parts of the federal government that should be concerned with health into military installations aimed at harming the population.

What he does not effectively explain is how radical privatization has made large parts of the military into the toys of multinational corporations and that, therefore, we are not ultimately talking about decisions made by the military, but rather decisions by global financial players behind the scenes.

When I read the title and started reading the book it most certainly seemed to suggest that the Chinese military was in charge of this conspiracy and that it bought off American health officials.

I have argued my article “The Third Opium War” that although there was high-level cooperation between the United States and China at the start of operation COVID-19, we are talking about class warfare of the super-rich against the vast majority of humanity, not a US vs. China struggle. To pin this operation on the Chinese military is to fall into the racist “Yellow Peril” ideology so popular in the 19th century wherein contradictions in the American economy are blamed on a demonized inscrutable Asian. Such a political move has dangerous implications not only for Chinese Americans, but also for Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese and others who are being swept up in this anti-Asian rhetoric.

I want to ask Mr. Kennedy, why he does not call out for an alliance between the citizens of the United States and of the People’s Republic of China to join together and fight the efforts of a tiny handful of the superrich in both the United States and in China to use the military and pharmaceutical complex to destroy humanity.

Such a US-China citizens alliance would be the best response to this war—a truly global response.

Is such a response impossible because China is totalitarian and the United States is democratic? I visited China recently, and as someone fluent in Chinese I was able to speak with many Chinese citizens. They were fully aware of the fraud taking place as part of this COVID 19 attack by multinational corporations on citizens. Some of them are quite brave. I suspect that global finance wants to blame the Chinese Communist Party and the communist Chinese military, and thereby hide their own hand in setting up this “new Cold War” between the two major economic powers for their own profit.

Perhaps a better title for the book would be “How the super-rich in the US, China and elsewhere coopted the US and Chinese military and intelligence to push through a massive psychological operation aimed at destroying governance in both countries and seizing control of the world.”

I think that Mr. Kennedy has very specific reasons why he did not give that title to the book.

Perhaps the problem is that one cannot accurately assess the deep corruption in the US military and government unless one takes on 9.11. COVID 19 is an operation that is modelled on 9.11 and to talk about the one without mentioning the other is misleading.

Let me say a few words about Kennedy’s other book, “The Real Anthony Fauci.” I am not as informed about health policy as Kennedy is, but it is clear to me from what I have read of this book—and elsewhere—that as much as I would like to see Fauci in jail, that guy was just following orders and was paid off for his service. Fauci has been able to stay out of trouble up until now because the Department of Defense and the intelligence community have issued classified directives that make it impossible for any part of the government take legal action against him.

It is this secret, super-legal, shadow governance system set up after 9.11 that made Fauci possible, not Fauci. He is pretty typical of a whole class of bureaucratic warlords in Washington D.C.

Fauci is a tool of super-rich families, like the Waltons, the Kochs, the Sauds, the Rockefellers, the DuPonts, and also of upstart parvenus like Bezos, Buffett, Gates and Musk.

Getting mad at Fauci is like getting mad at assassins, butchers, and executioners. I mean I feel your pain, but seriously, we have bigger fish to fry.

What America needs above all is not a campaign against Fauci, but rather a removal of the taboo on discussing how America actually functions. All citizens need to have a basic understanding of how the super-rich who planned 9.11 and COVID 19 actually run the country over the last twenty years. That knowledge is far more critical that military research on gain of function for pathogens.

I differ in Kennedy in that my first plan of action is to seize the assets of all the deep pockets in the US behind COVID 19 by forming a government that is not the toy of the wealthy. Of course, there is plenty of such corruption in China, and elsewhere too, but we need to start at home.

I wonder whether Mr. Kennedy cannot make such a proposal to seize assets because he plans to win the presidency by getting donations from wealthy individuals affiliated with the Democratic Party? I would say, that if that is his plan, then, although Kennedy may somehow get the nomination of the Democratic Party, and may somehow get into the Oval Office, sadly, no victory will be possible.

Source: Emanuel Pastreich

Emanuel Pastreich: COVID-19 Was a Global Coup by Private Finance, IT, & Intelligence Complexes (Geopolitics & Empire, 10.12.2022)