The conflict in the African Great Lakes is becoming a revealing example of who these great ‘philanthropists’ are that run the world and are leading it towards disaster, and of how they act.

The most powerful individuals who run the multinationals, finance, politics and the media are either the instigators of or the essential collaborators in the great “reordering” of that region. This reordering has been agreed on at a level that exceeds that of the individual states, regardless of how powerful these states are. At the same time, the general and scandalous position taken by the media with regard to this conflict cannot be explained except by decisions taken at the level of the most influential chief editors. Many others have been unable to stray from the official version for fear of exclusion from the game.

Practically all of the personages who have occupied key positions in this conflict form part of powerful clubs such as the Trilateral Commission. These are clubs that are closely linked to one another and are “beyond” political institutions, they are either above these political institutions or they constitute their most secret core.

Joan Carrero, president of the S’Olivar Foundation from Mallorca and promoter of the International Forum for Truth and Justice in the African Great Lakes.