Today, we remember the 19th anniversary of the start of the war that unleashed the Patriotic Front of Rwanda, currently in power in Kigali, and that brought about the extermination of millions of people, above all in Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. The date of 1st October 1990 will remain cursed throughout our history. On this day, the RPF opted for a politics of criminality. On this day, the RPF awoke the ethnic devils with canon fire and machine-gun fire in order to take power in Rwanda and, then, in order to retain power, unashamedly exploited a genocide that would have never happened without its own murderous exploits. On this day, a gang of heartless individuals started a fraticidal war that lead to the establishment in Kigali of a discriminatory regime and to the creation of a society that is among the most unequal in the world, where a small minority lives in scandalous opulence, while the vast majority of the population languishes in abject poverty.