Mr. Foreign Minister, I would like to start out by extending my congratulations to the President of the Government for not having met with Kagame, the most bloodthirsty dictator since Hitler, indicted by both the Spanish Audiencia Nacional [National Court] and France’s Tribunal de Grande Instance, for genocide acts, crimes against humanity, crimes against individuals and property protected in the event of armed conflict, membership in a terrorist organization, terrorist acts, pillage of natural resources and for the asssasination of nine Spanish nationals.

By contrast, I cannot congratulate you, Mr. Foreign Minister: you deem it an honor to welcome such an individual – even giving him a pat on the back – in the very same week that his regime has assassinated the vice-president of [his country’s] Green Party as well as the head of a critical newspaper, and likewise prevents the opposition from taking part in the elections.

Even worse, Mr. Minister, is the fact that you continue to disregard the Audiencia Nacional, and keep attributing the authority to judge these crimes to the International Criminal Court when in fact the latter only has the authority to judge the crimes that were perpetrated in Rwanda in 1994. The eight [sic] Spanish nationals and more than five million Congolese were assassinated by Paul Kagame’s Rwandan Patriotic Front from 1995 on.

Much worse still is U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s attitude: he not only continues to ignore the letters rogatory which the Spanish National Court sent asking for the three reports that evidence the crimes perpetrated by Kagame and the Rwandan government, but he also ordered an investigation of the two small NGOs which served as driving force of the lawsuit at the Audiencia Nacional.

Ban Ki-moon has evidence documenting the crimes and pillage Kagame perpetrates in Congo, he steals this evidence from the justice system, and, as if this were not enough, he appoints Kagame to co-chair the Millenium Development Goals project against poverty. Shame on him!

We’ve got to ask ourselves: Who is Ban Ki-moon working for? What evil financial interests is he after? Asking these questions, I believe, is the task the Spanish Government should begin to take on.