Some of us have not voted in this 28M and will not vote any more until a new generation of politicians arrives who seriously propose the exit of Spain from NATO and the re-foundation of this EU, criminal instruments of the globalist elites

There are building repairs that are important. But it is sheer stupidity to do nothing but worry about such repairs when a fire has broken out in our European building and seriously threatens to collapse and even demolish it. The war is not in Ukraine. The whole of Europe is at war: (final conclusion, from minute 3:16 to 3:23). And some of us are no longer here to vote for stupid programs and parties, supposedly progressive and environmentalists.

After having seen what we have never seen before, a left-wing government financing neo-Nazi criminals who murder communists, all this progressivism and environmentalism only seems to me to be cowardly and treacherous collaborationism. Just like a sovereignism that seems to coincide 100%, horrors!!!, with “Mr.” Borrell in feeding the fire in the European building, or is it that its leaders are so ignorant that they still don’t know about the totalitarianism that is coming: (from minute 12:40 to 26).

Many friends are surprised that at this stage of my life I have decided not to vote in this 28M. They are still convinced that by voting they can contribute to remedy things in our ever-shrinking Western world. Watch out, the Vox wolf is coming!, they are told. For my part, I have long been convinced that without a providential event or set of events, which we are unable to foresee, humanity will self-destruct. Such providential events as all those fundamental physical constants inherent already in the Big Bang itself and those (often catastrophic) events that, surprisingly, have been “conspiring” for life and consciousness to emerge.

In any case, salvation will not come from within this perverse and rotten Anglo-Western system. It will come from outside this increasingly small and pathetic “international community”. To borrow Pere Sampol’s title for his book, Spain has no remedy, I believe that this West has no remedy. Which I consider to be even more serious. Because I think that, although the sovereigntists do not seem to want to realise it, the biggest problem for them is not Madrid but Brussels.

If I were a citizen of the United States, I would vote in the next elections. I would vote for Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Although I would certainly be helping to carry out his death sentence. But here the word statesman has disappeared from the dictionary. Young Europeans must believe it is a fantastic entity from Mythology. They only know the Sanchez (capable of chasing the main puppet of the current Western grotesque through the corridors), the Scholz (capable of listening unperturbed to that same main puppet threatening to destroy the gas pipelines that ensure the smooth running of the German economy), etc.

I see only ignorant and mediocre lackeys turned into honourable leaders by a big media at the service of the Empire of lies: (from minute 2:09 to 2:12). A media capable of turning the bloodthirsty Zelenski doll into a great world leader (from minute 2:26 to 2:55). And to present the only current European statesman, President Putin, as a mad and bloodthirsty despot (from 2:55 to 3:16).

Why vote, if I already know that the electoral winners, whatever color they claim to be, will only dedicate themselves, as they have done up to now, to executing the guidelines that the Anglo-Western financial elites impose on them? How could I betray the values that have guided me all my life: dignity, justice, non-collaboration with any kind of oppression, rebellion against any abuse of the most defenceless?

Besides, I would be just another stupid person living in the “wonderful” kingdom of political correctness while the Anglo-Western Titanic is sinking. Along with its arrogant and ruthless elite dedicated to appropriating the lifeboats that will take them to their nuclear safe havens. An elite that over the past decades has led the West into an unsustainable and unsurmountable madness of 2,000 trillion dollars in derivatives and the delirium of endless wars.

Extremely perverse people who know that Ukraine has already lost the war and is heading towards a totally decimated society and even its possible disappearance as a sovereign nation (if it was sovereign since the Euromaidan Coup in 2014). But despite this, they are determined to prolong the conflict by all means, without stopping the criminal flow of arms that has already reached 250 billion dollars. They are bent on prolonging it, even at the sacrifice of the whole of Europe.

Because the defeat of Ukraine will not only be a serious “inconvenience” for the military industrial complex but even the humiliating defeat of the “invincible” NATO and the collapse of the Anglo-Western hegemony along with that of their god Dollar, the Zeus of Olympus whom they worship as the global single reserve currency. The world is living a duel in which two totally existential needs are at stake: that of Russia’s very survival or that of the prolongation of Anglo-Western hegemony sustained by the dollar: (from minute 1:40 to 2:02). Europe and the world are on the edge as never before in history. And the big problem is that this arrogant and criminal West has no remedy.

Almost three decades ago, some of us, aware that there was not enough social critical mass to stop the massive massacres of hundreds of thousands of Hutu refugees in Zaire, tried to make up for this deficit with actions that, although a minority, were radical. Such as a fast that lasted up to forty-two days. In this way we gained the support of some twenty Nobel laureates or political groups in the European Parliament. As well as considerable media support.

Unfortunately, however, the picture changed dramatically. As we all know, corruption is rampant in the European Parliament. Alfred Nobel’s legacy has been betrayed. And the Western media has been bought by the big investment firms, such as Black Rock or Vanguard, owned by the globalist elites. More than a decade ago, the titles of the different sections of the first chapter of my second book, The Hour of the Great “Philanthropists”, were not very wrong: The Hijacking of Democracy; The Hijacking of the Economy; The Hijacking of Information; The Hijacking of Education; The Hijacking of the Great NGOs for Human Rights, Democracy and Freedom; and so on.

Later we tried the judicial route. Spain’s Audiencia Nacional was at the world’s forefront of so-called Universal Justice. We achieved something unusual, given our smallness: Judge Fernando Andreu Merelles issued forty international arrest warrants against the leadership of the current “liberating” government of Rwanda, in reality a genocidal and terrorist clique instrumentalised by those globalist elites and their puppets like Bill Clinton and Tony Blair. But then came the moment of justice: in a plot, brought to light by five Wikileaks cables, it was she this time who was kidnapped. Using the UN as a weapon, they managed to criminalise us and defuse – for the time being – the lawsuit we had filed.

After our experiences over these decades, we have come to the conclusion that these elites of real psychopaths despise demonstrations. No matter how large they are. Like those that took place in Barcelona against the invasion of Iraq. And they despise papers even more: manifestos and signatures. We have come to the conclusion that in the West universal jurisdiction is now more of a problem for peace than a path to it. But we have also come to the conclusion that there is one thing of ours that they must never have again: the vote for their political puppets.

It is first and foremost a question of personal dignity. If we are few, it is not our responsibility. Leo Tolstoy, Mahatma Gandhi and so many others knew very well that truth is not a matter of majorities. And Martin Luther King was clear that a true leader does not submit to consensus but creates it. But surely few people realise that NATO and today’s European Union are truly criminal instruments?

Surely the growing political disaffection is not due, to some extent, to these issues, seemingly far removed from our daily concerns but whose disastrous effects are becoming more evident in our lives every day? And as for the new technologies for information and communication between us, why was the “grand master” of geo-strategy, Zbigniew Brzezinski, so concerned that the political awakening, favoured by them, could be the great obstacle to his project of Anglo-Western domination?

Those who claim to receive their authority from the people’s mandate will surely begin to seriously worry if this great World Movement for Peace begins to come true, for which more and more voices are crying out. A movement made up of all those who are aware that, in this globalised and nuclearised world, Peace is the absolute priority.

Photo: Peace activists in the UK demonstrate against expanding NATO.

President John F. Kennedy's "Peace Speech" (06.10.2023)