Our friend in struggle, Attorney Ramsay Clark, passed away on April 9, 2021. Ramsay affected many of our lives. We followed closely his opposition to the American invasion of Grenada in October 1983. We got to know him best from his Commission of Inquiry into the US war on Iraq in beginning 17 January 1991. The Crime of aggression highlighted in the Nuremberg judgment was the underlying theme in the War Crimes Tribunal which held hearings on 28, 29 January 1992 in New York. This Tribunal which I sat on condemned the USA for the crimes against Peace, War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity. He published a book, The Fire This Time, U.S War Crimes in the Gulf. This book available on Amazon.com is an anti-war textbook in international law comprehensible to all and can inspire us to join in the peace movement which is more important than ever.

Ramsay’s wisdom helped inspire many of us to join the fight against the Rwandan Patriotic Front/USA war on Rwanda. Ramsay understood that the war of aggression on Rwanda by the RPF proxy was the cause of the so-called “genocide”. He joined the defence at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda and defended Pastor Elizaphan Ntakirutimana who was living in Laredo, Texas. He succeeded in blocking his extradition to Arusha in local courts on the first attempt by his hard work and legal genius.

Ramsay Clark combined principle, justice, and legal genius in his defence of the Pastor after he was unfairly sent to Arusha for trial.

The wrongly accused ICTR accused and our defence bar were honoured to have his contribution to the ICTR defence. He inspired all of us. We had some success in avoiding convictions and ICTR lies about the war on Rwanda. The truth is coming out about the illegitimacy of the biased ICTR prosecutions, and we will not rest until the world understands.

We have been asked for personal tributes whence my personal contribution in his honour.

Below is a link to a story of his life by Sara Flounders touching on human rights in the USA and US foreign policy.  (https://nepajac.org/ramseyclark.htm)