To the Maryland Peace & Justice Annual Conference

Mr. Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen, it is a great honor to be asked to address a large audience of people like yourselves who are dedicated to peace and justice at a time when many wicked individuals are promoting injustice, proxy wars and deception in East Africa.

Several years ago UDC NEWSLETTER, of which I am the editor, revealed the existence of a conspiracy behind Museveni’s invasion of Rwanda. All evidence implicated United States agents as key conspirators. Some people called us trouble makers, paranoid or mentally sick. Little did we then know that this is an old trick which is used to cover up truth. You recall what was said of peace activists during the Guatemala and El Salvador insurgence.

On October 1, 1990, Ugandan troops, composed of Tutsis, led by Museveni’s Minister of State for Defence, General Fred Rwigema and other high ranking Army Commanders, invaded Rwanda launching a savage era of invasions, genocide, cover-ups and deception extending beyond Uganda. It later became known that some of the invaders had acquired military training in America under the IMET program while disguised as Ugandans. A Uganda Democratic Coalition Inc. (UDC) delegation went to the Pentagon and met Major Tony Marley who was in charge of IMET program. He agreed that Uganda had misled American officials by proposing candidates for training who were in reality not Ugandans. He assured us that this matter would be looked into by appropriate officials at the Pentagon and State Department. We later learned that the training program had increased in size and intensity to train more Tutsis who later commanded the Rwanda invasion.

In March of 1993, I visited Rwanda and saw for myself some victims of that heinous invasion. Between Oct. 1, 1990 and April 6, 1994, over 140,000 Hutus in northern Rwanda were slaughtered by invading Tutsis commanded by American-trained officers. More than a million people were displaced within their own country. I wrote to the White House, to key leaders in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives and enclosed pictures of men, women and children murdered in Ruhengeri and Byumba, northern Rwanda. I asked U.S. leaders to use their influence to end this senseless invasion. To my surprise, there was total silence!

During the same year, I alerted the U.S. Institute for Peace, a quasi-government organization, of the ongoing human carnage in Rwanda. It is most likely to grow worse and spread throughout the Great Lakes Region. I was told that they had no time and manpower to commit to the Rwanda tragedy. I did not give up the fight for truth and justice but continued knocking at doors all over town and beyond. I went to religious and circular organizations appealing to their conscience at least to look into what is going on in East Africa. I cannot understand why people who claim to be Christian were so cynical and callous about human suffering in this part of the world!

In June of 1994 as the Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) invaders were about to take over Kigali, Ms. Prudence Bushnell of the U.S. State Department conducted a press conference. A reporter questioned whether the State Department knew about the RPF invaders. Where were they trained and who financed and armed them? She answered that “we do not have that information”. Had she answered truthfully, she could have disclosed Uganda and the U.S. since America was training RPF commanders, financing and arming them via Uganda with weapons from their stockpiles in Europe. America was effectively mesmerizing the targeted countries and the rest of the world. The same U.S. officials who were in charge of these sinister operations were parading themselves as peace makers, initiating insincere negotiations which led to thousands of innocent deaths.

During a Hearing by the Congressional Africa Sub-Committee on March 31, 1993, Mr. James L. Woods, then Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense testified, “We have also been involved in diplomatic efforts to end that civil war. U.S. observer delegations, including military experts, have provided technical advice and guidance to the OAU sponsored peace negotiations. In that regard, LTC Tony Marley (previously of my staff and currently on Ambassador Cohen’s staff) has since late February been shuttling between Kigali, Kampala and Arusha providing impartial technical advice to both parties in the tragic war. We have also worked behind the scenes bilaterally with various players, providing advice and encouraging compromise”. (underlining added).

Tony Marley, referred to above is the officer UDC leaders met at the Pentagon in 1990 when he was in charge of training Tutsi commanders under the IMET program in the Africa section of Military Intelligence. Later he was assigned to the State Department Africa Bureau as Special Asst. to the Asst. Secretary for Africa.

A former U.S. A.I.D. official, Mr. Harald Marwitz, wrote that, as early as 1989, U.S. Embassy reported to the State Department from reliable sources in Rwanda, such as foreign military observers, confirming Ugandan involvement in incipient border skirmishes and the subsequent invasion of Rwanda.” In his report, Mr. Marwitz revealed that some officials questioned the moral grounds of U.S. continued military and economic assistance to Uganda while it was preparing to overthrow a legally constituted government of a friendly country. He further revealed that “between 1989 and 1992, the U.S. alone provided almost $183 million in economic aid enabling Uganda to finance the invasion. This sum is as much as all U.S. aid to Uganda in the previous 27 years”.

Asst. Secretary of State for Africa, George Moose, informed the Africa Sub-Committee of the House of Representatives on May 4, 1994 that, “in conformity with our policy of promoting democratization, we shall never recognize a government which takes power by force”. A few months later, he went to Kigali to open the U.S. embassy after recognizing RPF regime which had taken power by force.

This clearly confirms that the U.S. State Department has been telling lies. Ms. Bushnell’s claim that they did not know about RPF, and Mr. Moose’s statement to Congress are proof of their policy of deception and cover-ups. She is now Ambassador to Kenya.

The Washington Post of March 14, 1997 reported that, “Uganda and Rwanda have aided Zairian rebels with arms, money, equipment, intelligence coverage, tactical and communication equipment”. The Post must think that the public is too naive to know that Uganda and Rwanda do not make weapons nor are they wealthy enough to finance wars. Around 80% of Uganda’s budget is sustained by foreign borrowing. Nearly 100% of Rwanda’s expenditure is funded by begging and borrowing. These African basket-case countries do not have spy satellites nor technical experts who could provide military intelligence information to anyone.

The Washington Post of March 16, 1997 further revealed Uganda’s role in the Zairian war when it reported the fall of Kisangani city. It reported that, “attackers appeared to have punched quickly through the army’s lines by using artillery and armored vehicles which had recently arrived overland from Uganda”. Where are those weapons coming from? Who is bringing them into Uganda? Who is paying for them? Who has the capacity to gather and disseminate military intelligence to rebels? Such important questions are conspicuously absent from American media reports. It is certain beyond doubt that Ugandan, Rwandese and Burundian troops invaded Zaire. Why then does the world community remain mute? Why not condemn and punish the three regimes for invading a sovereign nation? If any country has the liberty to invade another, what was the fuss with Iraq?

A Few weeks later, British ITN WORLD NEWS gave extensive coverage of the Zairian war. They interviewed rebel leader, L. Kabila, and showed a section of young men he has purportedly recruited inside Zaire. Those boys were talking loudly in English which did not bear Zairian French accent. In light of the fact that Uganda and Rwanda invaded Zaire, it can be concluded that those boys were Ugandans, not Zairians. After all, 70% of the troops in Rwanda are genuine Ugandans who still receive their salaries from Kampala. In addition to those who were deployed via Rwanda, the direct deployment from Uganda speak only English.

Ironically, the Clinton Administration has rewarded Museveni’s submission to its atrocious orders with a STATE VISIT by THE FIRST LADY at a time when Ugandan troops are invading Zaire and Sudan. Is that a pat on the back for “a job well done”?

Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda invaded Zaire in October of 1996. NGOs which operated in refugee camps fled the area. The U.S. beguilingly claimed concern over Rwandese Hutu refugees trapped between invaders and Zairian forces. The U.S. decided to airlift “food and other humanitarian supplies” for the beleaguered refugees. Entebbe and Kigali airports (the source of invaders) were chosen as delivery points for U.S. supplies which were to be taken by road into Zaire. Among the “food and other humanitarian assistance” shipment into Entebbe was about 176 Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs). They were transported by road from Entebbe to Goma, Zaire. The American Embassy in Kampala later reported that the entire convoy of APCs was stolen as soon as they approached the Uganda/Zaire border. Many of us did not know that APCs can actually be food for starving refugees! Why did the U.S. send APCs instead of food and other humanitarian assistance as previously announced? No attempt was made by local authorities nor the U.S. Embassy to catch the thieves. No explanation was given as to how such bulky military equipment could be so easily stolen and hidden in the short savannah grass. Who could those thieves be and for what reasons? The most probable conclusion from this bizarre story is that the U.S. delivered those weapons to invaders who were expecting them at the border.

One of Museveni’s top military commanders, General Tinyefunza, quit and denounced the regime’s policies because, according to him, the civil unrest in northern Uganda is a government ploy to give cover to America’s war in Sudan at the expense of Ugandan lives. It has been publicly admitted that America wants to overthrow the Khartoum regime, using Uganda, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Egypt. The U.S. proposed to arm those unscrupulous juntas, pay them millions of dollars to invade Sudan on her behalf. Who then is the war-monger in the region?

We know that if you want PEACE, work for JUSTICE. And justice is dependent on EQUITY. You do not have to be a philosopher nor a Theologian to appreciate the importance of Thomas Jefferson’s contribution to America’s sacred documents which proclaim, ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL..that EACH ONE HAS A RIGHT TO LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. This land of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Henry George, Abraham Lincoln, W.E.B. DuBois, Frederick Douglas, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Robert F. Kennedy and thousands of men and women who built a remarkable democracy of the people, by the people for the people. America’s greatness should not be in its weapons of mass destruction but in its ability to save and promote human life. For the former, people will fear and hate you, but for the latter, they will respect and admire you.

Today the people of Uganda and neighboring countries are faced with a new and more horrific danger which exceeds the darkest days of European colonialism. It is not a secret anymore that the danger is coming from the most powerful nation in the world and it is directed at the very existence of people in Sub-Sahara Africa. Thousands of Africans are killed daily through proxy wars designed, financed and supplied by a foreign cabal who profit in selling weapons and looting Africa’s natural resources. Zaire, Liberia, Somalia and now Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi are perfect examples. Many more are dying of foreign-made diseases which are blamed on imaginary “green monkeys”. Weapons and other means of mass destruction with which African population is being obliterated are supplied in the name of development or relief assistance.

The cabal uses some NGOs and the media to control and distort information on the plight of Africans. This neo-Nazis propaganda is by far more dangerous than that of Joseph Goebbels. They provoke wars, plant puppet regimes and support corrupt, brutal dictators who take orders from their foreign masters. Those regimes have as their main duty to contain and control nationals who resist foreign subjugation.


The U.S. desire to devour Africa was best explained by the late U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Ron Brown, while visiting Uganda. He told a dinner party audience that: “For many years African business has been dominated by Europeans while America gets only 17% of the market. We are now determined to reverse that and take the lion’s share”.

Anybody who remembers colonialism knows that economic exploitation of Africa was its main objective. Political administrations were set up for the purpose of defending their foreign economic agenda. They no longer have to send in colonial rulers. Instead, they use local scoundrels, i.e. Mobutu, Said Barre, Museveni, Kagame, Buyoya, Rawlings etc.. They set up puppet regimes, train their military thugs in modern brutality so that they may effectively shield foreign looters and exploiters from grumbling and angry nationals.

It is unfortunate that there are some black Americans like the late Ron Brown who utter the same words without thinking. They should be more sensitive to the fact that slavery was a product of European exploitation of Africa. How can a grandchild of an African slave in America, who recently acquired status in his/her society envy European exploitation of Africa to the point of wishing that America do the same to Africa? This is as absurd as it is abominable. I do not believe that an America Jew would be that insensitive and careless with his remarks about Israel, no matter how glamorous a job he/she was offered.

But Abraham Lincoln said: “as I would not like to be a slave, I shall not keep a slave”.

It is very disturbing to see that the world’s greatest democracy is concocting deadly conflicts in Africa at the same time pretend to be peace-makers. United States is the major supplier of arms to Uganda for use throughout the Great Lakes Region. American military are stationed at Entebbe old airport, Nakasongola, Kabamba, Ssingo, Nkozi, Gulu, Ssese Islands and other mobile locations grooming regional insurgents. Last year, Africa Analysis and UDC Newsletter reported about American military officers who were conducting a special training program at Kabamba named Mobile Training Team (MTT). Most likely, that was a precursor to the invasion of Zaire.

U.S. military encroachment has contributed greatly to the problems in East Africa. A letter from the U.S. Secretary of Defense, William Perry, to Paul Kagame of Rwanda on August 7, 1995, stated:

“I am pleased with the progress you have made and I am especially happy that the United States has been able to play a role in that reconstruction. When we met in August and again when you visited me last December, I said that I would do what I could to help. You asked me to assist you win support within my government for lifting the arms embargo that had been applied so justly to the murderous regime you ousted and which was still incongruously in effect against your country’s liberators. As your Charge’ has informed you, I have done so…

I said that I understood and strongly support your request for training to help professionalize and downsize your country’s army. Our training of your soldiers at Newport and soon in Kigali regarding the role of militaries in civil societies is an important first step.

I fully agree with Ambassador David Rawson’s request for training in such areas as intelligence, counterinsurgency, leadership development, logistic, management and administration. I intend to advocate initiating such training as soon as possible. The next logical step to this training would be a series of combined exercises and I will pursue that with General Joulwan at the appropriate time.”

On Nov. 6, 1995, Mr. Perry, wrote another letter to Kagame and stated: “Over the past several months, we have worked very hard with our colleagues both in the Executive Branch and in Congress on the resumption of a formal IMET program this coming year. I am confident that Rwandan officers and soldiers will enjoy the fruits of formal training alongside American soldiers at U.S. military schools next year. We have also arranged for our European Command to offer you a Joint Combined Exercise for Training (JCET) for next year in Rwanda.”

Certainly, U.S. military assistance to Rwanda has greatly enhanced their capacity to participate in a joint Tutsi invasion of Zaire. It has been confirmed by several sources that U.S. military is active in the invasion of Zaire and in the extermination of Rwandese refugees inside Zaire. American satellites and military planes are canvassing the area, locating where refugees may be hiding. They relay the information to ground troops who move in to massacre them. They use the same methods to help rebels defeat the Zairian army.

Congressman Harry Johnston, D-Fla, is a leading supporter of the Tutsi hegemony in Africa. While chairing the Africa Sub-Committee on May 4, 1994, he ordered those giving testimony not to mention the name UGANDA during a hearing on Rwanda. How could one discuss the Rwanda crisis and omit Uganda which provided the base and all the support for RPF invaders? There is no better evidence of a cover-up. During his visit to Rwanda in September of 1996, Cong. Johnston advocated a policy of forcing refugees to return to Rwanda. That totally contradicts the Geneva Convention and established international laws regarding the treatment of refugees. He stated: “STOP FEEDING THEM, MOVE YOUR FEEDING FACILITIES BACK WITHIN THE BORDERS, TRY TO GET THE RWANDAN AND TANZANIAN ARMY TO INSERT DISCIPLINE, A SECURITY FORCE THAT WILL PERSONALLY ESCORT THE REFUGEES ACROSS THE BORDER BACK TO THE FEEDING STATION.”

Cong. Johnston’s barbaric cynicism and insensitivity is a defamation of civilized thinking. It is indeed revolting and nauseating, to say the least.

Evidently, the invasion of Zaire has accomplished that and more. Thousands of refugees were butchered in the camps. The rest were commandeered back into Rwanda where thousands have perished in crematoriums! Again this gruesome fact has been covered up by U.S. and other responsible officials. What kind of aberrance is this?


Under Museveni, Uganda is the headquarters of a sinister U.S. and British military conspiracy to plunder the region. Museveni is assured of their support to pursue his tribal ambitions as long as he implements the Anglo/American agenda. The first step was to return to Uganda British Asians as the merchant class; a system which has its origin in British colonialism. The World Bank and IMF extended credit needed to buy weapons and build a strong army for the purpose of military expeditions at the command of American and British masters. As a result, the World Bank (IDA) has so far given Museveni $1.8 billion which has financed these wars for there is nothing else to show for it. Training camps of rebels from Rwanda, Burundi, Zaire, Sudan and Kenya were set up in Uganda for eventual invasion of their respective countries. The U.S. grooms their officers under the IMET program.


A Nazi-like “blitzkrieg” campaign was launched to paint a glossy picture of Museveni’s regime. They fabricate balderdash economic reports on Uganda which bear no truth whatsoever about the conditions of the country’s economy. They claim that Uganda’s economy under Museveni grows at an annual rate of nearly 10%. These international con men never give the public a breakdown of the various economic sectors whose totals are too revealing of the true situation.

The truth of the matter is that Uganda’s economy has been destroyed by Museveni’s regime and they know it. The only things which are on the rise are: FORE UNEMPLOYMENT, POVERTY, IGN DEBT, CORRUPTION, GREED, REGIONAL AGGRESSION, ILLITERACY and DISEASES but they do not care. Most rural farmers who contribute 85% of GNP are financially hurting and are constant victims of government embezzlement. Instead of being paid cash for their crops, they are given “promissory notes” which are never redeemed. Four years ago the regime praised itself for promoting vanilla as a new crop which will increase farmers’ earning power. McCormick Co. of Baltimore, MD. area, contracted to buy all of Uganda’s vanilla. A prominent vanilla farmer in Kyaggwe county was interviewed by a Swiss TV crew. He complained that prices obtained from foreign buyers do not reach the farmers, and accused government agents for embezzling it.

Total revenue is so low that 80% of government spending is sustained by foreign borrowing. If the Ugandan economy was doing that well (10% according to these liars), why does the regime have to be a beggar for aid and loans in order to survive?


When Museveni took power by force in 1986, foreign debt was only $500 million. Now it is $3.7 billion and rising. Annual interest charges of $186 million exceed the $118 million earned in total export.

There has been a dramatic change in the currency transfer account. The flight of needed currency has increased from $140 million in 1987 to $971 million in 1997. This dramatic change is greatly attributed to British Asians, removal of foreign exchange controls, liberalization of export and import.

Annual net national income has averaged minus $47 million for the duration of Museveni’s rule.

Balance of Payment is always in the red. It fluctuated from minus $101 million in 1987 to minus $130 million in 1997. Export earnings of which coffee accounts for 80% have been declining each year since 1986. Coffee alone dropped from $394 million in 1986 to $98 million in 1993 and hasn’t recovered that much to date. That is 75% decline in income to nearly 80% of the population.

The standard of living has significantly declined. In 1986 Uganda’s per capita income was $500. Today, it is $100 and declining. In 1986 Uganda ranked 26 from the poorest country in the world. Today, it ranks 3rd.

Ten years ago, Life expectancy was 52 years. It is now 36 years.

Uganda is the 5th most corrupt country in the world. All government owned and controlled corporations and co-operatives have either been bankrupted or reported no profits. Uganda Commercial Bank (UCB) boss, Ezra Surumana was fired not arrested after embezzling over 5 billion shillings.

There is no medicine in government hospitals. Around 80% of school age children do not attend schools. Majority of the people wear second hand clothing. More than half of the population no longer get two meals a day. Even one meal is too lean to be a meal. A highly placed Ugandan civil servant said recently that around 90% of the total budget goes into military and spying. Essential services such as education, health, agriculture, social security etc.. are of no concern to the regime. Tough luck for people to whom missionaries or some good-hearted NGOs cannot deliver essential services.

A World Bank formula on MULTILATERAL DEBT sets a DEBT-SERVICE-TO-EXPORT RATIO, calculated on present value basis discounted for the period 1992-2031, as the framework for determining the depth of debt problems. They suggest a benchmark ration of 200% as the ceiling for a sustainable debt servicing level. Uganda’s ratio is in the region of 700%. External debt is currently 60% of GDP.

An internal World Bank Memo of April 1, 1992, warned,

“The fiscal/monetary developments over the first half of FY1991/92 have once again demonstrated the pervasiveness of structural weaknesses in the Ugandan economy. A small and narrow revenue base combined with a heavy reliance on unpredictable external support for budgetary purposes, and a shallow financial system create a large potential for financial instability through the fiscal system. In the external sector a narrow export base, a large resource gap and a crippling debt burden restrict the availability and predictability of foreign exchange flows. Strong efforts are necessary to solve the fiscal problem and to correct the large and unsustainable fiscal imbalances, if growth and stabilization objectives are not to be undermined.”

In Feb. of 1997, Uganda’s financial mismanagement was characterized by the World Bank as partly due to “a weak banking system which is plagued by inside lending, inadequate management practices and improper supervision”. This is what Mrs. Clinton praised as “a model for economic and social reform” which all Africa should emulate! How then can any person with a brain, let alone western leaders and their experts from the World Bank and IMF, tell the world what they know as FALSE that Uganda’s economy is growing? All that mambo jumbo is intended to make their puppet look good on paper so that they can justify funneling more than $1.8 billion into Uganda to finance regional wars.

Museveni is like Hitler in many ways except the color of his skin. Hitler was not a German but an Austrian. Likewise Museveni is not a Ugandan but a Tutsi from Rwanda who came with his mother as a refugee. Hitler attacked one country after another. He planned his attack of Russia and other countries while negotiating PEACE TREATIES with his future victims. British Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, naively believed that he could achieve peace with Hitler through mere negotiations. Hitler was planning his attack of Britain while mesmerizing Chamberlain with peace agreements. Museveni is doing precisely the same.

Europeans mobilized and fought against Hitler. When will Africans wake up and do the same? Unfortunately, many African countries are mesmerized and cannot defend themselves. Museveni must be thanking God for giving him neighbors whose self-defense instinct is dwarfed.


Many people around the world read about and watched in horror pictures of butchered men, women and children in Rwanda. People have screamed, in disgust. Instead of getting on with managing their countries why are these Africans busy butchering each other? They ask. Few people ever actually question whether all this is due to a biological deformity within the African person or externally imposed.

American propagandists, such as, Roger Winters and Allison DeForge, have clamorously labored to hide the fact that Tutsis in the Ugandan army invaded Rwanda since October 1, 1990 and slaughtered over 140,000 innocent Hutu civilians prior to April 6, 1994. The U.S. government as a partner in that crime has used its enormous influence with the media, the U.N., World Bank and other organizations to distort and cover up the truth.

The U.S. government invidiously labeled victims of an invasion as murderers. U.S. embassies were instructed not to grant visas to Hutus. The U.S. tried to coerce all nations to follow the American alienation of Hutus. America advanced a policy that no forum in the world should hear their side of the story for fear that the truth will be embarrassingly exposed. You all know that American democracy demands that one listens to both sides before making judgement. Was that meant for a select few?

The intensity of deception and cover-ups has been awesome. The world has been manipulated to believe that the killings started on April 6, 1994. For three years Hutus were being killed by invading Tutsis while the world kept mum. On April 6th, 1994 the conspirators killed President Habyarimana and the masses retaliated in anger and desperation by killing those whom they identified as enemies. I do not condone killing innocent people, but I strongly condemn the act of invading sovereign nations. At the same time I can understand how people anywhere could and often do react when placed in similar situations.

It is hypocritical to evade the issue that Rwanda was invaded by Tutsis, aided by Uganda, USA and UK. It is hypocritical and seditious for world leaders to have abated such a criminal invasion of a sovereign nation for three years without stopping it and punishing its perpetuators. The same crime by the same criminals is going on in Zaire and all you hear is bravo, bravo. The Rwandese people were capriciously betrayed by Belgium, USA, the U.N. and others in whom they expected rescue from invaders or at least a fair and a balanced judgement. Suddenly, their leader was blown up on April 6, 1994 by a combination of RPF and their foreign instigators. It is this sequence of events, and more so those who started it, that should be blamed for the human carnage which started on October 1, 1990 till now. Why not blame the Tutsi invaders and their foreign benefactors, i.e. Uganda, USA and UK who created the situation that caused the death of so many people on both sides of the ethnic line?

Violent reaction is not new to mankind. History tells us that in year 70 some Jewish people revolted against Roman imperialism. The Romans reacted by burning down Jerusalem, destroyed the temple and chased Jews out of the city.

The French revolution was a reaction to inequity over BREAD and thousands of the aristocrats were slaughtered mostly by angry and hungry peasant women.

After the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, the U.S. government reacted by rounding up Americans of Japanese ancestry and put them in concentration camps.

After the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., in 1968, black Americans reacted by burning cities. 

None of the above cases involved Hutus. These events took place long before 1994. If anything, the Hutus may have learnt this lesson from western societies.


A British reporter, Nick Gordon, investigated and reported that RPF regime built crematoriums at Bugasira, Ruhengeri, Byumba, Kibungo, Inyungwe and other locations where thousands of Hutus are killed daily and their bodies are incinerated under the program called “MANPOWER DUTIES” while U.S. officials are looking the other way. The Tutsi regime is conducting genocide in Rwanda to reduce the Hutu population to “manageable level”. At Gabiro, one of those Auschwitz-like crematorium, Nick reports, between 1000 and 2000 Hutus are incinerated daily and their ashes spread in the fields by a tractor. It is also reported that American military has established a base adjacent to the crematorium at Bugasira. It is impossible for American GIs not to hear the daily and loud groaning coming from across the fence; neither can they fail to smell the stench of burning flesh.


The struggle for freedom, justice and democracy in Burundi is strewed with gruesome episodes which are as disappointing as they are tantalizing. Burundi is ruled by a brutal oligarchy of Tutsis/Hima who are only 14% of the population. The majority Hutus are oppressed and deprived of their human dignity. They are barred from government positions, the army, educational opportunities and church leadership. As a result of this blatant APARTHEID, 99.9% of the army is Tutsi. Burundi is 70% Catholic and 20% Protestant, yet the clergy and entire church leadership in each denomination is over 90% Tutsis dominated.

Prof. Rene Lamarchand of the University of Florida documented the periodical pogrom by Tutsis against Hutus in Burundi. He revealed in his book, BURUNDI: ETHNOCIDE AS DISCOURSE AND PRACTICE, Cambridge Univ. Press, 1994.

“Over 5000 educated Hutus in the military and public services were slaughtered in 1965. In 1972 over 300,000 Hutus were killed and the same number fled the country. In 1988 about 5000 Hutus were killed. In 1991 an estimated 5000 Hutus in Bujumbura city alone were killed. From 1993 to date, more than 200,000 Hutus have been killed.”

In 1972 The Commission of International Jurists investigated and the United Nation Security Council declared that indeed Tutsis in Burundi had committed genocide against Hutus. Yet no action was taken by the U.N. nor other responsible body.

Due to a combination of pressures, Burundi democratically elected a Hutu President M. Ndadaye, on June 1, 1993. Tutsis resented the country’s move to democracy. Consequently they murdered President Ndadaye on October 23, 1993 and systematically eroded away the elected government and returned the country to Tutsi military rule. Throughout this period of eroding the feeble democracy, Tutsis obtained substantial help from Museveni and United States.


A group of American jingoes was formed in Washington to coordinate U.S. involvement in undermining Burundi’s feeble democracy. They meet monthly at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace to review the progress of their activities and set new goals. That forum is capriciously funded by the U.S. government and comprises of officials from the State Dept., U.S.A.I.D., Defense Intelligence Agency, CIA, World Bank, and a number of NGOs who contract with U.S. government agencies in various activities. This forum is presided over by a gladiator from a leading British-funded NGO, SEARCH FOR COMMON GROUND, which has coordinated a number of crisis generating initiatives. It is perplexing to note that this group does not include staff members from Capitol Hill.

Buyoya, the new Tutsi junta, is a favorite of the U.S. He received funds from U.S.A.I.D. to undermine the elected government of Burundi. He was invited to the forum sessions several times and keeps in close consultation with, sending his agents to the meetings, updating them and carrying back new instructions. In June of 1996, Buyoya met with Susan Rice of the National Security Council at the White House who reportedly assured him of America’s support in his intended take over of Burundi a month later. That was also confirmed in Bujumbura when Buyoya briefed his commanders, retorting that he had been assured of U.S. support for their planned coup. Recently this organization has changed its name to “GREAT LAKES POLICY FORUM”.


Rwandese Tutsis remember with contempt the contribution of a Swiss Catholic Missionary, Fr. Peraudin W.F., who taught SOCIAL JUSTICE to an oppressed Hutu population. He motivated Kayibanda to take up the Hutu peoples’ struggle for human and civil rights. That struggle culminated into the revolt of 1959/60 which overthrew a repressive Tutsi monarchy and established, for the first time, a majority rule. Killing of the Catholic hierarchy in Rwanda and subsequent persecution of the church by RPF is most probably in retaliation to its having spearheaded the emancipation of oppressed Hutus.

The Catholic Church in Burundi has also had its share of persecutions. Missionaries who preach and practice social justice and Hutu clerics have faced persecutions. Burundi’s Archbishop was killed by the military in 1996 for being fair-handed. Most Hutu and balanced Tutsi clerics have been tortured and others went into exile.

Soon after Tutsi invaders reached Bukavu, Zaire, the Catholic Bishop of that diocese was among their first victims. He was beheaded together with nine other church leaders. The killers took off with the Bishop’s head! Is it by design that wherever Tutsis gain control, the Catholic leadership is persecuted?


Museveni’s troops invaded Rwanda on October 1, 1990. He and his foreign cabal used to call for peace negotiations whenever they needed time to regroup and resupply their troops. After Rwanda was finished in June of 1994, their chief logistician and propagandist, Roger Winters of the U.S. COMMITTEE FOR REFUGEES (a misnomer organization) said that, “now Rwanda is stabilized, I will turn my attention to Sudan”. Within a few months, Uganda attacked Sudan and the western media was jubilantly reporting that the invaders will soon take Juba. Unfortunately, Sudan is not like Rwanda. The invaders met a formidable defence from the Sudanese army. Again the scamps called for peace negotiations which were held in Kenya, Nigeria, Malawi, Libya and Iran. Each agreement has been followed by resumption of military attacks by Uganda which made those agreements not worth the papers they were written on.

AFRICA ANALYSIS of Aug. 1996 and UDC NEWSLETTER of Sept, 1996 exposed America’s role in the Sudan invasion. Then The Washington Post expanded the story, quoting some U.S. officials who confessed that they are financing and arming Uganda, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Egypt to overthrow the Khartoum regime. The American proxy war in Sudan is in progress causing death to many Africans.


The struggle for peace and justice in Africa is facing a new and a more deadly challenge. We should not be intimidated by the enormity of this satanic darkness of injustice and deception now hovering over Africa. In spite of its blinding darkness, it cannot extinguish the glow of one candle. Imagine, if many of us lit many candles of peace and justice in many places. We shall dispel this satanic darkness of proxy wars, injustice, repression and deception. More than ever, grassroots activists must oppose wicked leaders and their clamorous agents who promote human suffering. The triumph of evil is not so much due to its inherent strength as it is due to the lamentable inaction of the descent majority of people. As Gandhi said, “in time to come, people will not judge us by the creed we profess or the labels we wear or the slogans we shout, but by our work, industry, sacrifice, honesty and purity of character”.

American people have a special duty to instill moral purpose, ethical conduct and values which are absent from their government’s foreign policy, especially on Africa. The fact that Africa was conspicuously omitted during: the past presidential debate, the Inauguration and State of the Union speeches proves that grassroots activists have a lot to work on.

If your leaders have deceived you, it is because you have allowed yourselves to be deceived. The trouble is not with the facts which are available. The trouble is that clear and honest inferences have not been drawn from the facts. If America continues to dodge the issues of injustice, mass killings, proxy wars and economic exploitation perpetuated by your leaders, the whole nation shall be condemned. Yes, it is proper to blame imperialists and colonialists for some of Africa’s misery. Western democratic nations should not be the ones to seduce and entice African nations into criminal and wicked conduct.

African rulers also share in the blame. They failed to identify their foes, know where they belong, define their own interests, set their objectives and pursue them with and for their own people. They know that Europeans came to Africa to help themselves. That goal has not changed over the years. It takes two to tangle. African rulers should and could have fended off any satanic temptation. Why don’t they?

Africa is ruled mostly by power-hungry, greedy, corrupt, scoundrels and murderers. They preside over straw nations which have been thoroughly eaten up from within by enemies they glorify and cherish as friends. The inability of Zaire to defend her territorial integrity in face of an invasion is one classic example of domestic, foreign, economic and social policies which are one enormous field of ruins, strewn with inept, greedy and corrupt rulers who only respond to commands from their foreign masters. Many African regimes are no different. The world, thus, sees them as stooges and obsequious dogs which gratefully lick the hands that have just beaten them!

Peace-loving people here as well as in Africa must work together to promote peace. We must challenge agents of injustice and destruction no matter how powerful their temporal positions may be. We should never forget that the aim of our struggle is our very existence. The sole enemy whom we must watch is and remains the power which is robbing us of this existence and destroying our countries.

African people are struggling for their RIGHT to be Africans in their Africa with all that God endowed to them. The realm of RIGHT is not merely concerned with the regulation of material possessions, but also with spiritual values, such as love, loyalty and freedom insofar as these values assume a form in a spatio-temporal world.

We cannot ask God to perform miracles while we ignore the natural means for affecting change now available to us. Msgr. Moses Coady of Canada, a champion of social justice, wrote that, “charity and justice have their foundation in religion. It is the spiritual concept of life that gives zest to the struggle for democracy and freedom”. He strongly believed that, “social justice will eliminate injustice and economic exploitation”.

It is not sufficient to hold out a helping hand to our fellow men in a time of crisis. It is more in keeping with human dignity that people should be given a chance to live in peace, raise their children, worship their God, build their lives as they please in their own land as masters of their own destiny. This is charity in the real sense of the word.

Let it be known that breeding wars in sub-sahara Africa is intrinsically bad, morally repugnant and criminal. America cannot claim to support democracy and human rights in Africa, at the same time create wars which obliterate African countries, prop up corrupt dictators who deny people their basic rights and human dignity. In other words, America cannot be part of the problem and at the same time be part of the solution. Although there is a saying that, if your behind is big enough, you can sit on both sides of the fence at the same time.

Those forces who oppose every available opportunity for Africans to realize economic democracy are truly her greatest enemies. Political independence and democratic governance in Africa cannot endure without being founded in peace, justice, freedom, respect for human life and economic democracy under divine Laws.