One of the greatest journalists and filmmakers of his generation has died at age 84, his family announced on Sunday

John Pilger, whose books, films and articles informed generations eager to cut through official narratives and propaganda on the Palestinian question; U.S. wars executed in Vietnam, Iraq and elsewhere; the one it plans for China; the state of public medicine in Britain; the treatment of aborigines in his native Australia and a host of other critical public issues, has died in London at 84.

Pilger, a recipient of numerous awards, including winning British journalist of the year twice, was a member of Consortium News‘ board of directors and in October was awarded with CN‘s Gary Webb Freedom of the Press Award.

Tributes have already begun to pour in:

Kristinn Hrafnsson

John Pilger stood as a towering figure in the realm of true journalism, possessing a profound understanding of the significance of the WikiLeaks ideal. His resounding voice was among the most potent advocates for putting an end to the injustices faced by Julian Assange. He consistently spoke out in support of Julian, and his unwavering commitment to justice will be greatly missed. My heartfelt condolences go out to his family. Rest in power, John.

Stella Assange #FreeAssangeNOW

Our dear dear John Pilger has left us. He was one of the greats. A consistent ally of the dispossessed, John dedicated his life to telling their stories and awoke the world to the greatest injustices. He showed great empathy for the weak and was unflinching with the powerful. John was one of Julian’s most vocal champions but they also became the closest of friends. He fought for Julian’s freedom until the end.

“We are all Spartacus if we want to be”, he wrote in his last published piece. This was John, challenging us until the end. Let’s always seek to rise to the challenge. Thank you, dear friend.

John Pilger

It is with great sadness the family of John Pilger announce he died yesterday 30 December 2023 in London aged 84. His journalism and documentaries were celebrated around the world, but to his family he was simply the most amazing and loved Dad, Grandad and partner. Rest In Peace.

George Galloway

This is extremely sad news and millions around the world will feel they lost somebody special. To his family and to Australia his loss will be felt most keenly of all. A great journalist, a fine man, a tower of strength has fallen.

Source: Consortium News

Photo: John Pilger in his film, Palestine Is Still the Issue (

John Pilger - Palestine is still the issue (2002)