Time and again throughout US history since the early 19th century, elections were stolen, not won — at the federal, state, and local levels.

My own city of Chicago is notorious for dirty politics, rigged elections a longstanding tradition, things controlled by the Dem machine.

“Big Bill” Thompson was the city’s last GOP mayor — from 1927-1931. For nearly the past 90 years, Chicago’s Dem machine controlled city politics.

Longtime University of Illinois Political Science Professor Dick Simpson explained that Chicago’s dirty politics “reputation is true.”

In 1931, Mayor Anton Cermak created the Dem machine, winning elections the old-fashioned way by stealing them how it operated.

Machine election rigging discouraged politicians from rival parties to run for mayor and aldermanic offices.

During his 1955 – 1976 tenure as mayor, Richard J. Daley fine-tuned machine politics in the city.

His son Richard M. was Chicago major from 1989 – 2011.

Between them, father and son Daley ran the city for a near-half century.

They in their time and Dems today are automatic winners when mayoral elections are held.

In the 1960 US presidential election, the Daley machine manufactured large numbers of votes for JFK.

According to Simpson, he would have carried Illinois without Chicago shenanigans in his favor.

Electoral dirty tricks in Chicago included keeping deceased city residents on voter rolls, even filling out voter registration cards with names from tombstones.

According to Simpson and former former political reporters, city residents were promised a few dollars, a good meal, and drinks at a local pub if voted on election day for the “right” candidates.

Dem precinct captains notoriously filled in ballots for city residents, doing the same thing for others who didn’t show up to vote.

Ward committeemen filled in ballots for nursing home residents who were unable to show up at polling stations.

Things today are different from Daley era politics but still suspect.

“Vote early and often” once said in the city is largely true today for legitimate absentee-ballot early voting alone.

The 2020 race for the White House one day will be remembered as one of the most flagrant examples of US election rigging.

Pre-dawn Wednesday morning,  six-digit vote dumps in Wisconsin and Michigan — a 7-digit one in Pennsylvania — went 100% for Biden, erasing Trump’s lead in these states.

In the above ones, Georgia, Nevada, and likely others, votes from former state residents — now deceased — and others no longer residing in various states were counted for Biden over Trump.

So were un-postmarked mail-in ballots and others received after the voting deadline.

Countless numbers of ballots in swing states that should have been tossed out were added to the Biden count.

In at least Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, Dems controlled ballot counting, GOP monitors prevented from watching it close-up for most of the process.

When significant leads for one candidate evaporate overnight, shenanigans are likely responsible.

That’s precisely what happened for Biden over Trump in key swing states DJT likely won — Dem state officials falsely claiming otherwise.

According to the Federalist.com, “evidence (of) fraud (in key swing states) is rapidly piling up,” adding:

“(E)yewitness testimon(ies)” tell a tale of “falsif(ied) postmarks (or none at all) on late mail-in ballots.”

GOP “(e)lection observers were being harassed and kept away from the counting tables in Detroit.”

“Software glitches have been discovered switching votes from Trump to Joe Biden in Michigan, and the same software is being used in other battleground states.”

Near-90% turnout in Wisconsin raises automatic red flags.

Near-unanimity among establishment media for Biden over Trump throughout the campaign and its aftermath — notably calling it for the challenger on Saturday while vote-counting continued — begs the question.

Was the above planned well in advance — establishment media in cahoots with Dems claiming Biden won, drowning out alternative views?

On Thursday during Trump’s post-election press conference, ABC, CBS, NBC, and MSNBC cut away from it in progress when he justifiably claimed election fraud in key swing states.

Trump reportedly won’t concede. He intends to challenge “voter fraud” through the judicial process.

Nine Supreme Court justices will likely have final say, a repeat of Election 2000 in new form.

Banana republic USA is clear from Election 2020 alone.

The notion refers to a repressive nation, an undemocratic one, at times politically unstable.

It’s a country where a small percent of the population has a disproportionate share or wealth and power.

It’s where ordinary people are exploited, not served.

It’s where profits are privatized, working households bearing the burden of debt.

It’s a kleptocracy run by dark forces — complicit with monied interests, benefitting at the expense of most others.

In the US, it’s wrapped in the American flag, dominant media supporting what demands exposure and denunciation.

Elections when held are farcical. Powerful interests run things. Ordinary people have no say.

Election 2020 is one of many examples. Deep state interests alone decide things.

If they’re for Biden/Harris over Trump, what seems likely, the incumbent will be a one-term president.

The process works the same way in all banana republics, including ones masquerading as democracies — notably the USA from inception to the present day.

Source: Stephen Lendman