It all started with the forty-two day hunger strike carried out in early 1997 by Joan Carrero Saralegui, Nobel Peace Prize candidate, to protest about the masacres perpetrated in Congo and the fact that they were being met with general indiference. On 18th January 1997, on the ninth day of his strike, the Patriotic Army of Rwanda assasinated three Spanish workers from Médicos del Mundo. Around Joan Carrero was formed the Forum Internacional para la Verdad y la Justicia en el África de los Grandes Lagos (international Forum for Truth and Justice in the African Great Lakes).

“During these four years, we did not want to make a theory”, explains Jordi Palou Loverdos, lawyer spokesperson of the Forum’s victims. “We have gathered evidence. Our judicial action goes beyond the attempt against Falcon 50, which is subject to an investigation by Judge Bruguière. It concerns the crimes against the Spaniards, and the crimes against the Rwandans and the Congolese committed between 1st January 1990 and July 2002. Going beyond Bruguière’s investigation, the Spanish lawsuit wants to prove that, behind the goal of deposing Mobutu, was the desire of Kagame and his band of criminals to take control of the riches of Eastern Congo (gold, diamonds and, above all, coltan, which is used to make mobile phones, missiles, etc.), and it is here where the major multinational enterprises intervene”.

Paul Kagame and all mendacious white people who have supported him have reason to be worried. The time has come when all the manipulation and falsehood that has surrounded this human suffering is coming to light. Kagame and his followers will then be recognised for what they are: war criminals turned mobsters responsable for millions of deaths, who for a long time have destabilized Central Africa and enslaved its people.

The end of the book Noires fureurs, blancs menteurs – Rwanda 1990-1994, by Pierre Péan.